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South Asian Couple Throw Garbage Bags Into Our Canal?!

In a video uploaded onto vimeo, a couple of South Asian origin can be seen standing sheepishly along the canal, with the man holding a filled garbage bag. With the woman on the lookout, the man tossed the garbage bag he was holding into the canal. There was already another …

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Indian Government: There Are 650,000 Indians In Singapore

According to a document by the Ministry of External Affairs in India, there are 650,000 Indians in Singapore as of December 2018, made up of 300,000 persons of Indian origin (i.e. first generation SC/PRs), and 350,000 non-resident Indians (i.e. EP/WP/etc. holders). In 2018, Singapore’s population was at 5.639 million. 650,000 …

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South Asian Comments That S$7200 Salary Is Not Enough In Singapore

Another post from FB group “Indians in Singapore” circulates the internet. Earlier this year, Suresh shared that he got a job in Singapore which earns him S$7200, asking the group for their opinions and recommendations. In response, Singh commented that the $7200 may not be enough to live comfortably. S$7200 …

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