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Covid19: Sovereign Lady Defies CB Rules Again By Going Out Without Mask For Third Time

First she never wear her mask when going shopping for groceries at a wet market. Then a few days back, she again never wear her mask on at Shunfu mart and still can confront passerbys who advise her to wear her mask. Today, another photo of her has popped up on social media showing her going out buying food without a face mask again. Who does she think she is that she is above the law?

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Indian FT Raped University Student Near Kranji War Memorial

An Indian national foreign worker will face a charge of aggravated rape after a female university student was reportedly attacked and raped somewhere in Kranji. The Indian national, Chinnaiah Karthik, 21, was alleged to have approached the 23 year old student along Turf Club Avenue at around 1.30am on May 4.

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I once picked an Indian national. Those that speak a mixture of English with strong Indian accent and they think they are damn smart. His fare was $9.95. Upon arriving to his destination. He gave me a $10 and I told him that I do not have 5 cents change. In a rude voice he said "What kind of taxi driver are you. 5 cents also don't have?" Then I gave him 10 cents instead and he proceed to alight and I shouted to him in a rude manner too. "Uuui... give me back 5 cents.." and he said he don't have... my reply was.. "What kind of Indian are you...keep that 5 cents and @#$% back off to India!"

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