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So how should the West manage its decline? Three simple steps could make a big difference. First, end the ideological crusade of promoting democracy. Indeed, the Ukraine fiasco is a direct result of the West encouraging street protests instead of encouraging political compromise between the two camps. This reckless geopolitical behaviour was a direct result of the belief - to borrow the phrase used by the late Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev - that "history is on our side". Actually, as the realist former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger wisely and subtly pointed out recently, it would be unwise to ignore vital Russian interests in Ukraine.

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India’s Sonia Gandhi blocks son Rahul’s PM candidacy push

India's Sonia Gandhi stalled a push Thursday for her son Rahul to be named the ruling Congress party's candidate for prime minister, saying such a move was against tradition. There had been widespread expectations that Rahul would be formally declared as the party's choice for premier at a meeting in the capital New Delhi on Friday.

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