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According to NEA, haze over Singapore on Thursday, 24 Sep 2015, 9am is 197. This borders in the very unhealthy range. Singaporeans have been suffering the haze problem for more than 10years. Vivian Bala is impotent when negotiating with Indonesia’s Environment Minister. Shanmugam is impotent when talking with Indonesia’s Foreign Minister. It’s during an international crisis that true leadership shows.Singaporeans are suffering because of lack of leadership shown by PAP leaders.

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NEA considers releasing impotent mosquitoes into the wild to combat dengue

Last year, the National Environment Agency's (NEA's) Environmental Health Institute began doing laboratory tests of male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with a bacteria, Wolbachia, that causes their mating with wild females to produce sterile eggs. These eggs do not develop into mosquitoes. The NEA's tests found that male Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes can compete with wild males for mates.

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Toothpaste, Sunscreen and Plastic Toys ‘Cause Male Infertility’

Chemicals in toothpaste, soap, and sunscreen are believed to be linked to rising levels of male infertility, new research has shown. One in three common household chemicals were found to have a direct effect on the potency of sperm, causing them to prematurely release enzymes that are needed to penetrate and fertilise egg cells.

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