Siam Society: Modern Authentic Thai Food

My favourite Thai dishes come from the Esarn region of Thailand which is essentially sticky rice with Som Tam (raw papaya salad) served with grilled dishes like Khaw Mu Yang (grilled pork neck). That was the kind of food that my fellow Thai students used to bring me to eat for lunch when I was doing my MBA at Sasin GIBA. The presence of sticky rice at any Thai restaurant in Singapore is one of my gauge for the authenticity of the food being served.

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Old Geylang Seafood: Turtle Soup, Crocodiles and Penises

If your friend came from overseas and you wanted to thrill him with some exotic food, where would you bring him? Well, the most exotic thing I can think about is to bring him to eat reptiles. The very word, "reptile" should should conjure up images of dinosaurs, lizards, snakes and other slimy, creepy, crawly creatures which should induce repugnant revulsion in some or an intense thrill-for-the-kill in others.

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