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Why Are There People Who Still Thinks Chan Chun Sing Said Nothing Wrong In His Ah Beng Speech?

In fact, the way he spoke was more akin to an Army commander talking down to his lowly ranked men, who has no choice but to listen to his ranting and nod their heads in silence. This was no way a Minister, even in a closed door event, should be carrying himself. Certainly not in a Singlish heavy rant, which not only brings shame upon himself, but to Singapore in general. After all, wasn't his PAP party the one that started the campaign for Singaporeans to speak proper English, and banish Singlish to the dustbins. This would be another failed PAP initiative then, when one of their own top Minister cannot remove himself from his Singlish.

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A Group Of Self Righteous Christians Got MHA To Ban Black Metal Concert

Imagine the fans who were anticipating the concert itself. To get banned on the day they were supposed to enjoy their day out. All because some Christian groups deemed the band as satanic, and its music as a negative influence on youths. The petition was actually called “Ministry of Culture Community and Youth Ban Satanic Music Groups Watain and Soilwork From Performing in Singapore“. They got the agency to call for the ban wrong, but the government actually bowed down to their demands, nonetheless.

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