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Huawei Fail To Deliver As Shops Run Out Of $54 Offer Phones, Need Police To Tell People To Fuck Off

Those in the queue realised that even though they had been there before the store opened, the phones already run out, and they will never get to buy at the price stated. Police had to inform these elderly folks that they had to go home, as the phones are all sold out. Imagine the anger and frustration. No one from the store had the guts to inform them that the phones they wanted had sold out, and they had to use the Police to tell the crowd to disperse. And they had been in the queue since early morning! To make matters worse, it became apparent that the Tampines store was only carrying limited stocks of maybe 20 - 30 sets, while the queue outside numbered in the hundreds!

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Zheng Jiajia, an engineer in China and ex-staff of telecom firm Huawei recently married a robot after failing to find a human girlfriend. He created the robot himself and married her in a traditional Chinese wedding where she even had a red veil over her head. He is thinking of upgrading her so that she can walk and do household chores. Song bo? All the single guys take note, now can ownself create ownself marry liao!

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