Why Are PAP Losers Allowed To Be Grassroots Advisors, Use PA Facilities & Resources When WP Winners Cannot?

Despite winning the elections for Aljunied, Sengkang and Hougang, Workers' Party MPs still have to hold their Meet-the-People's sessions in make-shift cubicles at the open-air void decks. Contrast this to the PAP losing candidates, who still get the role of 'grassroots advisors' and are freely allowed to use the CCs and RCs for their grassroots activities.

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GE2020: WP Png Eng Huat Exposes The Civil Service For Addressing Unelected PAP Loser As MP Of Hougang

Hougang residents have received letters and replies from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social And Family Development, which say that the losing and unelected PAP candidate Lee Hong Chuan is the MP of Hougang SMC. This is another insidious way in which the PAP tries to hold on to power.

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Mother's Day Meal Order From Zichar Stall Unfulfilled

I pre-ordered from Hougang Blk 805 Seafood Kitchen Zichar stall 2 days in advance for Mother's Day dinner at 6pm on 10 May and payment was made. However, on Mother's Day, we waited from 6pm to 8pm and food still did not arrive. Hence, I took a cab from Punggol to the Hougang stall and asked them why my pre-order was not sent out. There was no apology and the lady kept telling me they were too busy till they forgot my order.

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Covid 19: AMK Town Council & NEA Continue to Turn a Blind Eye Against Bird Feeders Who Litter Estate

With the virus going around, and circuit breaker, people at Hougang Ave 8 are still going around to do funny things like feed birds. It is an offence to feed birds. They will dirty the environment with droppings, and leftover food from pigeon feeding may attract other pests like rats, which carry diseases and pose a risk to our health.

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Basically, since last year there was this "pervert" that was going around disturbing and stalking girls that were from my cohort, like specifically, and he even showed up for our school's carnival. Like legit he had a full on fetish for my cohort it's super weird. I'm not sure of the specific details of what he did to those girls but i'm pretty sure it was similar to this. Anyways, just wanted to do a PSA for other girls to be careful! My friends says he hangs out a lot at hougang and sometimes even sengkang, and this definitely isn't the first time he has done this, so please if you ever go there stay alert and don't ever share your personal info and try to block out your nametag if you're in uniform.

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