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Boliao Eggme Khor Opens Temporary Bus Stop with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

You know wayang has come to a new low when you see an MP using paid work hours to cut ribbon for a TEMPORARY bus stop then posting the whole affair on Facebook. How come there was no ribbon-cutting ceremony for any temporary bus interchange, temporary hawker centre, temporary carpark or temporary toilet all these years in Singapore?

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GE2020: Red Dot United Approved As Political Party, Ready To Contest

Red Dot United has been successfully registered as a political party on 15 June after submitting its application on 26 May. Red Dot United's Secretary-General Ravi Philemon is keen on fielding candidates this General Elections (GE). With this approval by the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (MHA) Registry of Societies, he believes the party is "even more ready". Red Dot United currently has three office holders: Secretary-General Ravi Philemon, Chairman Michelle Lee, and Treasurer Mr Chia Weng Lee, who is a 53-year-old business owner.

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Dear Voters of Hong Kah North, In my walkabouts in your constituency, you had raised some questions with my team and me. I address a couple of more important ones here. I apologies to you, voters of Hong Kah North, for not walking about in your constituency earlier. Regardless of if I am elected or not, I promise to work in your constituency and get to know you better. My commitment to you will only be limited by the time and resources I have at my disposal.

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