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GE2020: Ho Ching Sides With PAP New Candidate Ivan Lim

Empress Dowager Ho Ching has taken a side on the Ivan Lim issue. Yesterday, she shared a post on her Facebook comparing PAP new candidate Ivan Lim with Kee Chiu and Kate Spade who used to be mocked by people, implying that Ivan Lim can soon prove the people wrong. By sharing this post, Madam Ho has shown that she cannot differentiate between mocking and testimonies of serious character issues from people who have crossed path with Ivan Lim.

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Does Ho Ching Speak On Behalf Of The Government?

Granted, she's the PM's wife and privy to govt planning, but is she a minister or member of Parliament? If not, then she should refrain from answering publicly posted questions that are meant for Govt agencies to answer. Because majority of Singaporeans cannot tell the difference. They see PM's wife, they automatically assume she can speak for him in official matters. But if the govt has other plans it can cause a conflict of interest.

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Politician Lim Tean To Challenge POFMA Over Post On Ho Ching Salary

On 19 April 2020 the POFMA office said "several online posts" had made false statements that Temasek Holdings Chief Executive Ho Ching had an annual salary of "around S$100 million". Minister of Finance Heng Swee Keat instructed four correction directions to be issued. One of those four include People's Voice Party (PVP) chief Lim Tean for “sharing the falsehood on his Facebook page”. Politician Lim Tean has shared that he will be challenging this latest POFMA. He questions the basis of using POFMA over an article when the truth or real information is not revealed. His view is that POFMA is being used to silence PAP critics and free speech.

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