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KPMG One Of Many Local Firms Accused Of Using Internship Program To Hire FTs Full Time

A local Singaporean student have wrote in insisting how a big local company is abusing the internship program to actually use it as their stepping stone to actually hire foreign talents on a full time basis. The local student, who indicated that he is from the Singapore Management Univeristy (SMU), lifted the lid on how job snatchers enter Singapore on the pretext of doing their internships here, but are actually here on a trial.

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Our reader dissuades people from taking Grabhitch as she claims that it does not screen or train its drivers properly. This means that anybody regardless of their behaviour can drive Grabhitch and RYDE. "I took Grabhitch once and that's my last ride ever, not only the driver came to pick me up with a different car, but he is a pervert and keep on asking me and talk big about disgusting stuff and even attempted to touch me! I have made a police report about such unruly behaviour and now nothing gets done yet. So I would suggest all to stop riding on Grabhitch, drivers who are not trained shouldn't be out there even hitching passengers! Please avoid at all cost, it not worth the 50% lower fares with all these problems and risk one have to take."

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