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The NHB says it hopes to gain a more complete understanding of Singapore’s tangible heritage and their value through this process. The research and data garnered will be made available to other public agencies so that heritage considerations can be incorporated during decision-making and planning phases. An eight-member Heritage Advisory Panel (HAP), comprising experts from fields such as anthropology and sociology, will be guiding the NHB on the survey’s methodology and implementation.

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From neglect to nostalgia: the history of our heritage

This is partly because heritage is unlike nature for which there is instinctive affinity. After all, who can reasonably argue against more trees and parks? But preserving, say, a temple or a mosque immediately raises issues of religion, ethnicity and class, all of which come with their own set of politics and communities. Heritage can be divisive. This is why Singapore’s relationship with heritage has neither been smooth nor static. Like many issues in our midst, the way we see heritage has changed according to how we see ourselves.

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Bidadari Memorial Garden

The Christian cemetery of Bidadari originally covered an area of 26 hectares with approximately 58,200 graves. The twelve selected headstones of prominent personalities relocated to this memorial garden serves as a reminder of their contributions to Singapore’s growth and development and include those of Dr. Lim Boon Keng, Sir George Edward Noel Oelers, and Alfred John Bidwell.

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