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SAF Captain Charged In The Death Of NSF Dies Of Cancer, Weeks After Discharge Was Granted To Him

News of Tan's cancer diagnosis was first leaked to the press by the late SAF CFC Dave Lee's mum, who said she has forgiven Captain Tan for his role in her son's death, even saying that she felt sad for Captain Tan and his family. On 5th February, it was reported in the papers that the AGC had given Tan a discharge not amounting to an acquittal, which meant that the charges can be revived again at a later date

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As we all know, it has been very hot in Singapore. My friend sent me this picture of a dog left by itself in a car. Even thought the windows are slightly lowered, we all know that it is always hotter inside a car. The person who took the photos left after waiting for a few minutes. When he left, the dog was still doing okay. To all pet owners, pls don't leave your pets in a car. You wldn't do this to yourself. Don't do this to your pet.

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