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With the dreadful noon temperatures, I had been anticipating the installation of large fans found at surface MRT stations, which can offer better cooling coverage. But there was only a one-for-one replacement of wall fans. There may have been upgrading of operational facilities not obvious to the casual eye, but this renovation has brought no benefits to diners.

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Grace Fu: In hawker centres, Govt’s main objective is affordable food

The Government is studying different models for vibrant and viable hawker centres, but its main objective is affordable hawker food. And while hawkers determine the prices charged for food, the Government can shape the costs they face through sensible policies, said Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Grace Fu today (March 11). A steady supply of several hundred hawker stalls over the next few years, as 10 new hawker centres are built, will keep a lid on rental pressures. Two in Bukit Panjang and Hougang will be completed next year, and another five hawker centres will begin construction this year, she said in Mandarin in Parliament.

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Hawkers express preference for NEA management

Twelve organisations — including social enterprises and cooperatives — have submitted proposals for the management of four hawker centres whose leases will expire soon. But some hawkers say they would still prefer the National Environment Agency to manage the centres.

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