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Grease trapped

For the past few months, Madam Valerie Sim eked out a living by collecting waste oil from coffee shops in Jurong. She would wait until the coffee shops were closing and then siphon the oil from grease traps with a co-worker. They would open the grease trap lid and pump out the oil into oil tanks. The tanks would then be loaded onto their company lorry and taken to the company to be processed into biodiesel. Her work all but dried up when a photograph of her and her co-worker, who wanted to be known only as Mr Ng, siphoning oil at a coffee shop in Jurong West was posted on citizen journalism website Stomp on Feb 12. It sparked speculation among netizens over whether the oil was being reused for cooking.

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Gutter oil reports spark food safety concerns

The safety concerns were sparked when netizens posted several photos that allegedly show staff from a company named "Oil Village", extracting what is known as gutter oil, from grease traps near hawker centres in Bukit Panjang. But the company is not on a list released by NEA in February of firms that are licensed to open grease traps or deal with waste oil.

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