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When my turn came, I sent my photos along & adjusted everything needed on them. A few seconds after I uploaded them for print, a young staff (black blouse) came up to me to ask if I have finished. Her tone was extremely rude, it was as if I hoarded the machine when I spent more time waiting for my turn than uploading my photos. I told her that she had been very rude & she apologized thereafter (I do commend her for admitting her fault & apologized for it). Then I asked the counter if I should be collecting my prints at the machine or the printer behind them. Finally a grumpy middle-aged lady (grey blouse) appeared & asked me if I used my phone, which I said yes. She crossed out the price from my receipt which says "$13.50" & said it's $3.00 per print. Which means $24.00 for my 8 photos. I replied they should be upfront with that information. She sulked when talking to me, which annoyed me even more, so I decided against printing with them. She crushed my receipt, threw it away & walked off when I was talking to her. She continued to ignore me when I requested to delete my photos from the database. I looked like I was 'begging' them to delete my photos from the system. No one came until the young lady approached me. Her boss (orange blouse) spoke to her in front of me saying, "Give her at the price but collect tomorrow". It was as if I was invisible or too lowly for her to speak to me directly. She was only an arm's length away. Of course, I declined. It had nothing to do with the price now, i'm not going to be at their mercy. If they think their printing service is the one & only in Singapore, I hope they go out of business soon.

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