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US sailor admitted accepting over $10,000 in bribes from Singapore-based defence contractor Glenn Defence Marine Asia (GDMA)

A third US sailor pleaded guilty Tuesday to accepting cash and luxury goods in exchange for classified Navy information in a bribery scandal involving ships in Asia and the Pacific. Petty officer Daniel Layug, who was based in Japan at the time and faces up to five years in prison, admitted accepting over $10,000 from Singapore-based defence contractor Glenn Defence Marine Asia (GDMA). In return, the 27-year-old gave them classified ship schedules and sensitive information about an ongoing criminal investigation into their activities.

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mini Lee: S’pore has good system against corruption

Singapore’s values and systems against corruption are very well entrenched. Even as rules exist, capable and honest people are still needed to keep the system clean, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. These were some key points raised as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke at the famous Chatham House think tank in London on Friday. The Chatham House Rule is famous throughout the world for facilitating free discussion and candour at meetings.

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