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SAF Severely Underpays Reservists Who Works As Private Hire Drivers

I was informed that SAF will be paying me $35 per day during my whole course of my ICT! I am very unsatisfied of the result of my Make Up Claim and so I called up and even emailed them regarding my displeasure as I am severely underpaid during my ICT, I am not getting what I supposed to get at all, not even close. How am I going to pay all my household bills or even eat with only $35 a day? And this include the rental fees I still have to keep paying even when I was on Reservist!

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The additional fee, to be paid to the driver, will be pro-rated according to when the passenger finally boards the ride. For example, if a passenger arrives 30 seconds after the wait-time charge kicks in, the fee will be 10 cents. Uber announced that this is to fulfill their aim of making riders and drivers have a smooth experience every time an Uber service is used. Uber explained on its website that passengers will be sent a notification on their mobile devices when their drivers are reaching the location. It has advised customers to only make a booking when they are near the pick-up location. The 20-cent-per-minute charge applies to the UberX budget service.

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