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GE2020: Did the Gov Open Phase 2 So They Can Hold Elections?

While many may rejoice at being able to resume their normal activities again, we need to question why the government is so eager to move into phase 2, especially after the 154 media keeps releasing new information about potential PAP candidates on the ground. So now that people are able to gather in groups of 5 albeit with social distancing, this means that it is not illegal for people to be out and about, which means that the PAP can start their door-to-door campaigning, meeting the electorate and start selling their koyok again.

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Does Ho Ching Speak On Behalf Of The Government?

Granted, she's the PM's wife and privy to govt planning, but is she a minister or member of Parliament? If not, then she should refrain from answering publicly posted questions that are meant for Govt agencies to answer. Because majority of Singaporeans cannot tell the difference. They see PM's wife, they automatically assume she can speak for him in official matters. But if the govt has other plans it can cause a conflict of interest.

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Covid19: Malaysian Government Uses Evacomics Artwork Without Singaporean Artist’s Knowledge

Recently Evacomics drew a several pieces of artwork about the Covid19 situation. Some deal with proper personal hygiene practices, social distancing, healthy activities to do while staying at home. A Malaysian living in Johor Bahru informed Evacomics that the Malaysian government had used her drawings without her knowledge or crediting her. Evangeline Neo has written in to Angkatan Pertahanan Awam (APM) Malaysia Negeri Johor to request that her drawings are credited back to her by inserting "Art by Evacomics".

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