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Older grassroots members should be considered as potential election candidates

I AM happy to note that potential People's Action Party candidates are carefully selected, trained and positioned at the grassroots level as early as possible ("Potential PAP candidates 'already on the ground'"; Monday). It is not easy being an MP these days as it has become "fashionable" for people to disagree with the Government, which is to be expected as people are better educated and more discerning. What is worrying is that more are disagreeing simply for the sake of disagreeing. There is less trust in the Government and some even criticise good policies.

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Two-and-half years has passed since the last GE and it is about time to assess how the govt has been doing. The massive housing problem has started to show some results. The backlog of housing needed has temporarily been transferred to the waiting list of units under construction. I won’t give credit to this as it was a self-created problem due to bad management.

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Anonymous Hacker Threatens to Attack Singapore Government Social Media Profiles

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has advised the public not to be alarmed if they notice “any unusual activity on Government social media channels”, in response to a cyber threat issued by a person claiming to be from the hacktivist collective Anonymous. The person had published a “press release” on Pastebin last Thursday, demanding the release of the five men who were arrested for vandalising a wall in Singapore.

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