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So, there was no revenue figure, no costs figure (to justify the increase), but there was a figure as to how much more it would cost the Government to give the rebate increase (to help offset the price increase). As an analogy, it may be akin to telling you that I need to charge you more because it cost me more, but I will help you by giving you a rebate – but I never tell you how much more I will receive from the price increase or how much more it is costing me – but I can tell you how much more it will cost me to give you the rebate.

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South East CDC Humiliated Poor Woman & Treat Her Like A Criminal

The government has not changed one bit since B.E. 2013 and told me that I need to either ask my siblings for help or learn how to fend for myself and not keep looking for handouts during tough times. They now want to interrogate my brother and sister to involve them if I was to proceed with their help. They say they are not fazed we have aged parents and that my siblings have their families to care for. In view of this, I hope you can refer me to any available assistance where my family or I do not have to go through anymore governmental humiliation.

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