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STAYERS OR QUITTERS? PM’s poser gets people pondering

For some, the answer was crystal clear. As tour leader Zubaida Mohammad Salleh, 52, put it: 'Why should I run elsewhere? I'm a Singaporean. My family are all here and even though I've travelled to many places, I've never thought of living elsewhere.' Undergraduate Mervyn Sek, 23, agreed. 'Quitting has never crossed my mind. This is home, where you grew up, where you establish your first friendships, your first relationships.

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Singapore Inc. and the brain drain

If you could leave Singapore, would you? For many Singaporeans, especially from the younger generations, the answer apparently is yes, in large numbers. This doesn’t seem sustainable, not least because the brightest individuals with the most to contribute will inevitably find emigration overseas easiest. While the negative effects of a so-called brain drain on Singapore’s economic strength will take years to manifest, the bad news is that this trend has already been going on for years. We may be suffering the results already.

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Singapore ranks top 10 expensive cities once again

It is interesting to note that amongst the top 10 most expensive cities in the world, 5 out of 7 of the countries that the cities are situated in all operate on a minimum wage system. San Francisco (ranked 9th) has the highest minimum wage of S$12.65 per hour, followed by New York (ranked 5th) with a minimum wage of S$9 per hour. Even Switzerland, the only country that does not have an official minimum wage other than Singapore, is slowly gearing towards operating based on a minimum wage system – with the Swiss residents being able to vote on whether they want to have this system or not.

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