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Meme-diaCorp? More Like MediaCorpse.

MediaCorp. The Public Broadcaster for our nation. For decades in some shape or form, it has brought entertainment directly to our ears and our eyeballs. But it is a far cry from its heyday. In my anger, I did some research to try and explain how this abysmal lack of creativity came to be. But then I realized that I have a limited fascination to this archaic situation that could be easily solved...

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GE2020: Wrong Impression Forces PAP Candidate Tan See Leng To Declare His Directorships

With the 158 media was busy praising Tan See Leng's credentials, the public took interest in his rich working experience. Pictures allegedly showing his directorship in 69 companies started surfacing, leading many netizens to question if Tan See Leng is still able to look after the needs of residents in Marine Parade GRC. As brewing speculations of his inability to serve Marine Parade became a concern, Tan See Leng was forced to clarify his directorships on Facebook. He shared that his position in 69 companies was a "wrong impression".

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GE2020: Sudden Resignation By Three PAP Ex-Heavyweights

Even as Singapore's political parties are preparing for GE2020, three People's Action Party (PAP) members announced their resignation with less than a week to Nomination Day (30 June). The three ex-heavyweights millionaires are Yaacob Ibrahim, Goh Chok Tong and Khaw Boon Wan, who were all once Cabinet Ministers. As these men bid farewell to politics, let us remember them for some of their more memorable quotes.

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