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Ghost Story From Tekong – Both a Gurkha’s and My Story

A few OCS friends and I were on a night topography mission on Tekong Island. It was pitch dark that evening. Even the clouds colluded to block out the glow of the moon. Strange things happened that evening. Lugging our full packs and weapons, we were navigating our way to the next check point. Around us were palm trees - row after row of these trees. After a long trek, we thought that we actually arrived at the same spot where we first started.

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Abandoned buildings provide the best inspirations for haunted stories. Even in a tiny but highly urbanised country like Singapore, you will be surprised that there are many abandoned and empty buildings around. Over the years, as the histories of these buildings were forgotten, haunted stories took over. It is up to each individual to believe if the stories are real or just myths.

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