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Fare hike for transport early next year?

From 2006 to 2013...in the last seven years do you know how much our transport fares have increased? 0.3%. It has almost remained the same. Even though it increased for some years, during the 2008 financial crisis, it was reduced. In the past year, there was no change in the fare." - Minister without Portfolio, Mr S Iswaran in aTamil programme in Vasantham

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Public transport fare increases, and more fines. Tuck Yew, what the Tuck?

How about this suggestion, from one ex-Navy man to another? Tuck Yew, you can really Tuck up those errant public transport operators by BANNING FARE INCREASES, in lieu of fines. How's a six-month BAN ON FARE INCREASE sound? Not much, to irate commuters. But imagine the ban duration stacking up. Soon, it could be YEARS before they are allowed to increase fares. I'd imagine that to be way more effective than fines, which I assume would get passed on to commuters in the next fare hike.

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Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew Ignores the poor and the disabled?

Mr Lui also said that the discount under the scheme for low-income workers would lower their fares to around the same levels as 10-15 years ago, depending on the journey. Meanwhile, the discount for those with disabilities will be “even more significant”. Hey what about retirees and those who never got pay rises?

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