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Ex AMKTC General Manager Jailed 27 Months For Bribery, Why TC MPs Quiet?

The question was, how did Wong get away with four full years of accepting bribes and awarding contracts to his 'friends'? Did the AMKTC MPs, all of whom should have been privy to his financial dealings, not noticed something was amiss? After all, Wong is just the GM. Surely, the award of contracts should be under the purview of the TC's top echelons, in this case the AMK GRC MPs themselves. Were the leaders of this TC not discharging their fiduciary duties to the best of their abilities?

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ISETAN Deputy General Manager Apologised To PUMA Tudung Sales Girl

After the last email sent to them, the deputy manager called. Attempting to give excuses for the managers’ actions, saying that it was due to carelessness that the managers behaved that way. Which is funny because they also mentioned the managers were very experienced and always do routine regulation checks on the promoters. According to the deputy manager, there is an SOP to adhere to but they did not follow the SOP for addressing a regulation problem (in this case-the attire).

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