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PAP Reverts Back To Its Dirty Habit Of Attacking Political Dissidents Post GE2020

I read with much concern, of latest developments surrounding the Court cases of political dissidents/Opposition MPs and can’t help but recall the words of the younger Lee siblings alleging “abuse” of various State organs, with the subsequent passionate Parliamentary speech by MP Sylvia Lim to “protect our Institutions before it’s too late”. Is it too late now? Only 12 MPs in the House can answer!

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GE2020: WP Png Eng Huat Exposes The Civil Service For Addressing Unelected PAP Loser As MP Of Hougang

Hougang residents have received letters and replies from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social And Family Development, which say that the losing and unelected PAP candidate Lee Hong Chuan is the MP of Hougang SMC. This is another insidious way in which the PAP tries to hold on to power.

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GE2020: WP Chief Pritam Singh Standing By Raeesah Khan Is The Epitome Of True Leadership

Despite the dirty smearing of the PAP on WP candidate Raeesah Khan, the WP leadership Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim stood by their candidate and came out looking even more good than the PAP. If the PAP thought they could destroy the WP Sengkang team with this, they can't be even more wrong.

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GE2020: Lee Hsien Yang Calls On Sinkies to Vote For Opposition This GE!

Standing for the opposition needs character and courage in a way that standing on a PAP ticket does not. It demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice for our country. Alternative candidates have often been victims of unfair treatment, character assassination, and dissuasion from frightened family and friends. These candidates step forward to seek justice and equality for all.

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GE2020: PAP Supporter Heckles Lee Hsien Yang, Asks Him Not To Air His Dirty Linen In Public

On a PSP walkabout at a market, a man in red confronted Lee Hsien Yang and shouted at him that he is shameful, and asked him to settle his family matters at home. Is this man a real resident of the constituency airing his views? Or is he a paid actor of the PAP to cast aspersions and ruin the good reputation of the PSP?

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GE2020: PAP Josephine Teo Ignores Resident's Concerns And Rudely Walks Away Before He Finish Talking

Jalan Besar voters, is this the type of MP you want to represent you? Do you really think that Josephine Teo can be your voice when she doesn't even have the patience and respect for her voters to listen to their concerns and just walk away from you?

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GE2020: PAP Aljunied Suicide Squad Giving Out Bird's Nest to Voters in Their Ward After Giving Free Texas Chicken

First it was 2-piece Texas chicken and now upgraded to bird's nest. The desperate PAP Aljunied suicide squad is resorting to more expensive goodies to lure voters into giving them their vote as if it can be bought with food.

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GE2020: The PAP is Scared Of PSP And Is Resorting To Underhanded Tactics To Sabo Them

A fake bookie trying to scare people of a PAP victory through WhatsApp, specifically in WP and PSP contested wards. A Minister mixing up one Lee brother for the other. Some jackass stealing PSP flyers. Another Jackass tearing up PSP posters in Bukit Batok. PSP Posters in West Coast GRC being forcibly removed from lamp posts for "safety purposes" says town council.

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