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PR Status of CECA Couple Who Abused Maid Should be Revoked!

A few days ago there was a report in the newspapers of a couple; both of whom were Indian Nationals with PR Status convicted for abusing and assaulting their Foreign Domestic maid also from India soon after the FDW started working for them. Here is a case of Indian Nationals from India who thinks like in their Country can do any crime and get away unpunished with money.

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Local Fresh Graduates Face Bleak Future Due To Govt Policy On Importing Foreign Talent

The government claims that it is those jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do which are replaced by foreigners. They claim that it is those tech-specific jobs that Singaporeans cannot do. Really? You mean no Singaporean in my company would love to be the GM of a new department? You mean that all the young students in polytechnics and universities cannot be trained to have tech skills for a digital Singapore?

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How Does JP Morgan Selects Its Foreign Talent For Top Posts?

So how can he be any better than a fresh Singaporean graduate from NUS, or even NTU, two universities placed way higher than Hull University. In fact, how can he be even better than the many other Singaporeans who actually have experience in the financial sector in Singapore, knows the local scene, and have the right paper qualification for the job?

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