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Streams apart: Why has the N-word become a dirty word?

Only after five unforgettable years in Normal classes did I realise the reason why we were afraid to be in the stream. It was not about our actual intellect, but rather how (un)intelligent we were perceived to be. It was about the perception, reinforced by sneering students, kiasu parents, and now even some parts of the media machine, that to my mind hinders the whole purpose and effectiveness of the streaming system. When I was in the Normal stream, I was allowed to take Express-level English, meaning I had to join Express students for my English classes in Sec 4.

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Teacher in viral video REVEALED: Mr Foo Cheek-Choon, mathematics teacher at Spectra Secondary School is a former Director in MNC! Respect! Viral video with more than 2,500 shares: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=498888523559547

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