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Online Job Portals Discriminate Against Elderly Applicants Who Are Not Digitally Savvy

We need to ensure that our elderly are not left behind in this digital world. An email was required to set up an account on the job website. Many of these elderly folks do not have any email address. For highest education level section, we could choose from multiple options. However, the lowest qualification we could pick was PSLE. Some of our senior citizens did not even take PSLE as they could have dropped out of school before that.

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We have seen a few of our Aljunied crescent community cat at block 96-98 are injured. Yesterday, Makcik was feeding cats around there where this APEK came and kick one of the cat while eating. Makcik saw and shouted at him. He said " No feeding cat here. very dirty (makcik use plate ok) later cat berak(shit) everywhere. Makcik Replied " u dont eat la like that, you dont berak (shit) also lah! " Makcik wanna take his photo he show his butt and shake his butt to makcik and run. We suspected the old folks over there are making the cats injured/ We hope people in Aljunied keep a look out of these annoying people and shout or take a video and complain when you see they abuse them.

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