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PAP MPs Show They Only Care About Fixing Opposition Rather Than Solve Welfare Of SGreans

But if this was a less a conclusion than an affirmation that the PAP MPs care more in their ultimate drive to fix the opposition and ensure they get their cushy Parliamentary seats in the next elections, rather than s desire to improve the lives and welfare of Singaporeans. After all, for this motion, almost all PAP MPs were present, but when debates were done on other pertinent issues, Parliament would often see a majority of empty seats.

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Without that increase of 3,278 votes, there was no way that Lee Li Lian would have lost. Her figures went down by 244. Plus and minus the increase in voters vs deaths and absenteeism, an increase in an SMC's figures should not cross more than 1 to 2% as Potong Pasir demonstrates. Even if we give all the votes KJ and Desmond got to Charles Chong and add a marginal normal increase in electors, you would only expect the PAP's totals to increase by 1,000 to 2,000.

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Multi-purpose CPF system is broken, needs urgent fixing

Our CPF is basically our retirement savings. Without transparency, it can only be assumed there is a huge shortfall and the government has desperately attempted to plug this by tweaking CPF policy to prevent members’ withdrawal. The CPF system is already broken and in need of an immediate fix.

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