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It’s the obvious question everyone is asking nowadays amidst a raft of hate blogs and other such digital artifacts going “viral” all over the Net. Many of these seem to have stemmed from the whole fracas surrounding a plan by Filipino community leaders to stage a 12th June Independence Day event at a major shopping centre in Singapore. The plan attracted a lot of debate and, with it, anonymous trolls lobbing racist abuse into the mix. Politicians on both sides of the sea have since chimed in even as organisers of the event withdrew their plans presumably under the weight of the harassment. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has condemned Singaporeans who were involved in the online harassment for their “thuggish behaviour”.

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A Singaporean’s Observation of Filipinos

My observation of pinoys here in Singapore is not favourable either. I have seen maids abusing little children by literally dragging the tiny tots while yakking on the phone, infesting the shopping centres with their irritating English slang and tagalog which sounded more like chickens and ducks talking. They are supeficial people in the corporate world, smiling fakely but with a dagger behind – just look at their politicians and political culture which affirm this culturally imbibed trait.

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