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Covid19: Govt Should Spend More On Fighting Actual Virus, Not On Silly Comic Campaigns Virus Vanguard

Government sponsored content if done correctly can help raise the morale of the people. But being our government, they did it in a manner so out of touch with the common man that it immediately got condemnation from every kaypoh online. As it should. I mean "Fake News Buster" is clearly POFMA trying to rebrand himself as a force for security and totally not undermining the limited freedom of speech in this country.

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SWAT Team And Riot Police Called In To Break Up Fight Amongst Football Team

The sorry state of Singapore football took another downward step, as this time, riot police and the SWAT team was called in to handle an alleged brawl between two set of players after their football match had ended. This time, the location is in Hougang Stadium, and one of the team involved in the incident have been named as Yishun Sentek Mariners FC

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Internet Praised Woman For Fighting Back After Crazy Security Guard Caused Commotion At Coffeeshop

A video of a crazy security guard shouting at people in a coffeeshop has gone viral. The man was picking a fight with people and in a fit of anger, wanted to flip the table beside him. The woman who was eating at that table has earned the praise of the internet as she fought back by trying to throw a chair and a cup of water at him. Thankfully, the police arrived after a good few minutes. It is unclear why he was so angry but as a security guard, the last thing to do is to jeopardise other people's safety.

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