Internet Praised Woman For Fighting Back After Crazy Security Guard Caused Commotion At Coffeeshop

A video of a crazy security guard shouting at people in a coffeeshop has gone viral. The man was picking a fight with people and in a fit of anger, wanted to flip the table beside him. The woman who was eating at that table has earned the praise of the internet as she fought back by trying to throw a chair and a cup of water at him. Thankfully, the police arrived after a good few minutes. It is unclear why he was so angry but as a security guard, the last thing to do is to jeopardise other people's safety.

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A video of the fight was later uploaded online and shows one of the men throwing his opponent onto the ground with a move resembling a judo throw. Both men then try to throw one another onto the ground, before one man managed to overpower his opponent and pin him down.

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