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Do you think this FHM covers are more "obscene" or do you think that Amos's image of Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher is more "obscene"? Surely, if the definition of whether an image is "obscene" is whether a person will be tempted to act out his or her sexual fantasies, these FHM covers are definitely more "obscene". And if the AGC did not deem it necessary to charge FHM and Mediacorp for "obscenity", then why did they decide to charge Amos?

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CONGRATS: Pinoys Achieve Top 15 World Ranking In Watching Porn

Hard data now proves what we've secretly known all along: Filipinos really, really, really like porn. In a report by gmanetwork.com, (and radio DJ Mo Twister), porn site pornhub.com has released their data regarding the usage rate and porn viewing habits of Filipinos. As it turns out, we're one of the most voracious in the world! A report found that "In 2013, the Philippines ranked 26th in worldwide traffic to Pornhub, but interestingly they ranked a solid15th for visitors using mobile devices. That's quite a significant difference!"

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