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Nanyang Academics Agent Cheated Parent By Quoting Higher Tuition Fees Than What Tutor Charged

Recently, I engaged a tuition agent, Nanyang Academics. The terms of payment for the agency fee is first 2 lessons’ fees, and balance 2 lessons I pay directly to tutor. This agent however was totally dishonest. Although the tutor already informed the agent before commencement of first lesson that his charges are $60 per lesson (1.5hr lesson) during CB period of online learning & his hourly charge will commence only after CB ends with face to face tuition, but the agent instead told me it’s $60 p/hr.

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Covid19: Ho Ching Tells Sinkies to Stop Yelping Like A Spoilt Kid!

After admitting that the 4G leadership made mistakes in handling the Covid19 situation, she now turns her aim at Singaporeans to scold them for complaining about NTUC service fees for online delivery. Ho Ching still has the cheek to ask people who "wishes to have delivery for free, to please step up and volunteer to do delivery for the rest of us." She goes on to tell them to "stop yelping like a spoilt kid wanting more and more without putting in any effort to help others."

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Private hospital charges do not fall under the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) purview; private hospitals set their fees independently. According to the Singapore Medical Council’s Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines, a doctor cannot abuse the doctor-patient relationship for personal gain. This means a doctor shall not let financial considerations imposed by his own practice, investments or financial arrangements influence the objectivity of his clinical judgment in the treatment of his patients.

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