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""Permit me to raise this....Was there a draft will attached attached in the email sent by Lee Suet Fern to MM Lee of which Ms Indranee mentioned in the summary of events? While the email correspondence did not specifically mentioned about the demolition as pointed out, did the draft in fact contains the demolition clause? This would be critical consideration for any party wanting to know the truth behind the 7th Will. One can draw the attachment if there is one and make a comparison with what was signed by MM Lee, and you will inevitably know if there is any inconsistency between the two. Then the question about the short time taken for MM to sign the documents in the presence of two lawyers from Stamford Law, has Ms Indranee also consider that MM Lee had in fact read the draft the night before, and it suffice that the document was taken as true, and therefore MM Lee signed without reading again? Third point, that MM Lee had made six wills before and changed his mind once, and Ms Indranee questioned if MM did change his mind again, does it also indicates the possibility MM Lee did occasionally review the will he signed? From the time of the will being signed to MM Lee's demise, could he not at any one time review and question about the existence of the demolition clause? Particularly when an incident occurred that the "Gift-Over" clause was omitted and reinserted? Does that not cause MM Lee's curiosity to want to review what he has already signed? MM Lee has had the authority and benefit of time to make an 8th will had he deemed that the 7th was improperly drafted and prepared. ""

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