Covid19: Video of Mass Dance at Expo Investigated For Unauthorised Filming

An infectious video of a nurse leading a group of patients, mostly migrant workers, in a mass dance at Expo has been flagged as an unauthorised filming of patient activity. What an anti-climax! It is not clear if it was a staff or patient who took the video but there was no doubt it raised the spirits of many, including other foreign workers, and whoever took it probably wanted to spread the cheer. Many have shared it on social media, including Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

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Covid19: Unethical Zaobao Journalist Published Story Taken From Instagram Without Permission

A Zaobao journalist known on IG as @songpei published a story on an NTU student who had Covid19, and took pictures from the latter's Instagram story without permission. The journalist had tried to ask the student for an interview about his experience with Covid, but the student declined and rejected him. However, he still went ahead to publish the story with the latter's IG pictures, and even details of his family members.

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Covid19: Resorts World Sentosa Cater Lousy Food To Foreign Workers Quarantined in Singapore Expo!

Look at this type of food serve to our foreign workers who are quarantined at the Singapore Expo. Is this fit for humans? Just rice, small piece of fish and 1 teaspoon of curry nia. Where's the meat and veggies? Did RWS forget to add the meat and veg as too busy invoicing MOM? This kind of food even dog also dun want to eat sia!

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