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PAP Says Public Trust Is Important, But Is It Already Eroded?

Consider this. Each year, the AGO report finds multiple lapses across ministries they audit. Alarming, recurring lapses were found in many ministries. These issues identified will either compromise the governance of these organisations or involved questions on how millions of taxpayers money are spent. But, was anything other than hand slapping done by the government? Was there any decisive action taken, such as the one where Parliament unanimously voted for the WP MPs to be recused from AHTC's financial decision making?

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Ong Ye Kung Blames Technology And Social Media For Eroded Trust For Govt

He then indicated that the most common reason why trust is eroding is because of the role of digital technology, and how bad news generally gets spread faster on social media, and how negative news are generally over exaggerated. He failed to mention that another reason is because bad and negative news gets widespread coverage now because governments cannot find a way to stop them from spreading like they do when social media was non-existent.

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