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Do We Really Need Education Minister To Address Withholding PSLE Original Result Slip In Parliament?

However, the Minister Ong's statement that he felt this should be reviewed is simply him trying to get onside with the Singaporean public once again, to show that the government listens to the ground, especially as Singapore is nearing the election period. And just to buy himself and the MOE more time, he said that he will only address this in Parliament next year. Why not just address this now? Trying to earn more goodwill from the voting public next year?

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Education Minister Ong Ye Kung Told NUS To Take Tougher Stand, No More 2nd Chance For Students With Sexual Misconduct

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung has spoken up about the NUS controversy. He told the NUS President and Board Chairman to take a tough stand on issues that threaten students' safety. Its existing two strikes and you are gone method is too lenient when it comes to dealing with people who are charged with sexual misconduct. Other tertiary institutions will be reviewing their framework to put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour. Why does it have to take so much and so long for some justice to come to light?

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Entering university is a heady experience. It is an adventure that as a father to two teenage girls, I hope that my own children will get to go on. Pretending to ejaculate into the face of a fellow student plays no part in this purpose - it is a reprehensible act that cannot be tolerated. Protesting such acts has nothing to do with being prudish or a bad sport, everything to do with respect for human dignity.

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