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Some say that it is a healthier alternative in comparison to your atypical rolled cigarettes, that it can possibly help one to quit smoking for good (google “e-cigs help” and there’s a whole list of testimonials and so-called research claims ascertaining that). Others say that the trend has brought about more harm to society, it being another Big Tobacco’s attempt to glamorize the puff “less harmful than smoking”

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Should E-Cigarettes be banned in Singapore?

Electronic cigarettes have so far been proven to be neither safe nor effective in helping smokers quit. More research still needs to be done to establish the usefulness of e-cigarettes to help people quit smoking. Although e-cigarettes do not contain some of the harmful substances found in normal cigarettes, this does not mean that they are entirely harmless. The nicotine present still poses a health risk to users. Users may still develop a dependence or addiction to nicotine by inhaling the fine nicotine mist produced by e-cigarettes.

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