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Changi Airport Drone Intrusions Raises Questions Over Vulnerability Of Airport

Two recent incidents involving unauthorised drones flying within the vicinity of Changi Airport in the past one week had affected about 60 flights, with some delayed and others diverted. This has raised serious questions over the vulnerability of Changi Airport itself. While CAAS is still investigating the incidents, analysts, the industry and even the drone community itself has concerns on the potential implications of the incidents.

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Just a few days after the Chinese Navy snatched up an underwater drone belonging to the US navy in the international waters of the South China Sea, the Chinese announced that they would return the drone to the US by today (20 December 2016). In contrast, after so many weeks of impounding the Singapore owned military terrexes in Hong Kong, the Chinese has not given any indication of returning the wrongfuly detained military equipment.

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US Developing Insect Spy Drone

One of the current areas of research reportedly being undertaken in the scientific/military field is the development of micro air vehicles (MAVs), tiny flying objects intended to go places that cannot be (safely) reached by humans or other types of equipment. One of the primary military applications envisioned for MAVs is the gathering of intelligence (through the surreptitious use of cameras, microphones, or other types of sensors); among the more extreme applications posited for such devices is that they may eventually be used as "swarm weapons" which could be launched en masse against enemy forces.

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