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Former PAP NMP Calvin Cheng Slams Pritam Singh’s Salary Donation As Wayang And Divisive Politics

PAP IB Calvin Cheng unleashed two Facebook posts to stir controversy over WP Pritam Singh's generosity for donating 50% of his salary. Calvin Cheng said Pritam Singh was participating in political theatre (wayang) by publicly announcing his salary donation while bringing up his family. Calvin Cheng said his donation was an "unnecessary sacrifice" and likened this move to a popularity contest to score political points.

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COVID19: Sheng Siong Supermarket “Spoils Market” for NTUC FairPrice

Sheng Siong supermarket is truly impressive. After announcing an additional one month salary for its employees, it went around neighbourhoods silently giving donations at wakes out of kindness. This is setting the bar way too high for competitor NTUC FairPrice supermarket which is already being accused of raising its prices during COVID-19.

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Singapore PM’s Wife Ho Ching Strains Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan Over Masks Donation

Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, stirred controversy in response to the Taiwanese news article about the face masks being donated to Singapore. She simply wrote "Errrr..." on Facebook. Many Taiwanese netizens expressed their anger and unhappiness with Ho Ching's comment. Faced with such online backlash, keen-eyed netizens noticed that Ho Ching had quietly deleted this controversial Facebook post. There was no official word on why the post was removed.

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