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So we gave the man this alternative which is, we will go ahead to proceed the nebulizer for him, end of day he have to pay whatever amount he have with him, and owe the remaining fees first. When he have eunf, then come back and pay the remaining. When i was telling him this in English, he don't understand what i'm trying to say... Just right, there's only 1 Indian patient in the clinic. So I've asked him for help to translate Indian language to that man so he could know what we are planning to do. He didn't translate on behalf of me, but he asked me what happen to that man. And i told him the situation. And he surprised me by saying, "it's okay, i will pay for his bills just let me know how much. And get him a inhaler for his asthma." Doctor and us (colleagues) are shocked and surprised on this Indian patient's action. I mean, not everyone will help a stranger financially. The bills is not cheap thou. $80 over dollar!!

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