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Inconsiderate Neighbour At Dover Crescent Breeding Mosquitoes

The neighbour above hangs a canvas between 2 bamboo poles so that their wet clothings can drip into it. However it also catch rainwater. I had complaint about this since Dec 2019 but only SMS to say enforcement will be taken due to dengue mosquito. I am not sure why no action taken and the canvas is still up

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Ubi Avenue Landlord Withholds Tenant’s $3000 Deposit After Lease Ended

A contributor wants to warn others who are intending to rent an office space in Ubi Centre. According to screenshots sent to us, the Ubi landlord allegedly did not return the tenant's deposit after the 2-year lease was over. The tenant has been chasing for the $3000 deposit since August 2019, but the landlord has been making excuses that he "has no money to return" even though he has rented out four other office spaces.

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The bus driver who shouted at a police officer Sep 27 at Jurong, has resigned and is currently under police investigation. It was reported that during the exchange, the driver used obscene language and made hand gestures as the officer was patiently trying to calm him down. Police investigations are ongoing, with the driver initially investigated for a dispute with an LTA officer over how he had stopped his bus on a double yellow line.

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