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ISETAN Deputy General Manager Apologised To PUMA Tudung Sales Girl

After the last email sent to them, the deputy manager called. Attempting to give excuses for the managers’ actions, saying that it was due to carelessness that the managers behaved that way. Which is funny because they also mentioned the managers were very experienced and always do routine regulation checks on the promoters. According to the deputy manager, there is an SOP to adhere to but they did not follow the SOP for addressing a regulation problem (in this case-the attire).

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She was sent to ISETAN located at Wisma Atria to help mend the PUMA section in the ISETAN outlet due to a lack of manpower. An hour later two ISETAN managers approached another staff at PUMA and conversed in Mandarin while throwing dirty looks at my sister and made hand signals indicating the headscarf she was wearing. She was then approached by the PUMA staff and was informed that she had to leave the premises as she was wearing a headscarf and should not be working there.

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An Inclusive Society

I was quite shocked to learn that there are still Singaporeans who think it’s okay to publicly and openly discriminate against a minority group. I know this isn’t surprising to many out there, but I’ve been extremely sheltered for most of my life — I went to a convent school and the culture was incredibly inclusive. In fact, almost all my friends are from different races/religions/sexual orientations. Festive celebrations in my home might as well be a successful and happy initiative for a racial harmony campaign.

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