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MOE Withholding Original PSLE Result Slip Not A Unique Case In Singapore, Diploma Student Also Affected

However, it has since came to light that MOE is not the only education administrators who withhold certificates or results slips, just because a student faced real issues in paying their school fees. WP politician Yee Jenn Jong has also revealed that he handled a similar case a few years back, when he was helping out at an MPS in Aljunied. He stated that he was approached by a distressed student who feared that she would not be able to apply for third year courses since her school withheld the original results slip due to outstanding fees.

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Avoid going to e2i job fairs! Been jobless since 1 month ago… There were various industries, hotel, retail, F &B etc. I went to the retail industry instead as I have almost 5 years’ experience in the retail industry and the hotel industry sucks because they will ask you to put more working hours and also first shift begins @ 6am. Not the flexibility hours’ kind and also it pays so little.

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50-year-old PMET with engineering NUS masters degree under employed and getting fresh graduate salary

I read your articles about Master degree holders not holding proper JOBs and decided to contribute. There are many of my classmates who are in similar situation and they are driving taxis. I want to remain anonymous. I had a MSc (EE) and B Eng (Electrical) and postgraduate Dip (Business admin) – all from NUS. Yet I am only doing a job for Diploma or ITE graduates – quite depressing. Now I am above 50 but I have been in this position for 4 years now – getting paid less than a fresh degree graduate.

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