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During the breakout session, his views were roundly demolished by the other participants in his group. Because they did not agree with him, he claims they were “planted”. Of course, they were not planted. They were just ordinary Singaporeans who were frank in giving their views. Mr Jeyaretnam should not insult people just because they don’t agree with him. After, the Forum, he posted a note entitled “8 Dishonest Things About Hri Kumar’s Honest Conversation”. He attributed to me things I did not say, and mischievously misrepresented other points. In the interests of transparency, I have posted videos of the Forum so that you can judge for yourself.

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PAP Grassroots leader mocks old lady begging for her CPF money at CPF dialogue

It was reported that a 76-year-old former teacher was seen in tears when she spoke at a CPF dialogue session organised by MP Hri Kumar at Thompson Community Centre yesterday (14 Jun). The elderly lady was clearly in distress. She mentioned that she had a teaching career prior to retirement. She is single and does not have any dependent. She spoke up on the CPF issue and begged that her CPF money be returned to her as she wants to use her money to settle down while she still can. At the end of her speech, it was observed that another lady in white cheongsum was gesturing with her hands (at 5:33 minute mark of the video). The cheongsum lady was seen twirling her fingers in the air around her head.

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