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GE2020: Heng Swee Keat Sent To East Coast GRC Over Fear Of Losing To The Workers’ Party

In a surprise move, Heng Swee Keat showed up at the St Anthony's Canossian nomination centre in Bedok North to file his nomination papers for East Coast GRC. WP has consistently walked the grounds of East Coast GRC. Therefore it comes with no surprise that WP commands a significant percentage of votes as seen in the previous elections, even reaching a high of 45.2% of votes in GE2011. By moving Heng Swee Keat to East Coast GRC, it seems the PAP is hoping that the "4G leader" will be able to shore up whatever remaining support the PAP has in this GRC.

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PMD Delivery Riders Desperate, Turns To MPs For Help After Their Rice Bowl Gone

While Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min told Parliament that the move was necessary to make pedestrians feel safe again, about 100,000 PMD users who depended on them to make a living, were left jobless and clueless as to what they can do. The question that most PMD users had for the people who made the decision from their ivory towers was that did the new law kick in without proper consultations and deliberations, and was there any thoughts given to those whose very rice bowl depended on them riding the PMD.

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Well, as a girl myself I am already 30+ without a Valentine, so I dont see why you should worry. Rushing will give you more trouble on the other hand. Firstly, most of the guys that approach me are either poor, ugly or short. All I ask for is a Fendi brand handbag, but none of these tards can even afford it. Secondly, I am too used to dining in posh restaurants and I remember that there is one pathetic guy who had the audacity to invite me for a meal at a coffeeshop near his house. How dare he! That was one of the humilation that I wouldnt forget.

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