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He recently came back to work even though he was still on mc. He told me that the company only pays for the first two months of his mc and will not pay for the rest. He have two sons still studying in primary and secondary to support so he had to work for his pay. The Boss told him to work light jobs by helping us move stuff around and packing of goods. He asked the Boss if he can continue the delivery after he recovers. The Boss then said that his performance was not good and he cannot drive the lorry. During lunch time, the Boss bought lunch for us and did not bought any for the uncle. I asked him why he never buy lunch for him, he simply said "he did not call me to buy for him" in Chinese. I gave the uncle my food. I was very angry but I cannot do anything. He was the Boss and we are his workers. We cannot go against the Boss. The uncle came back to work in that condition and they still mistreat him.

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