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OSIM Salesperson Allegedly Backtracks On Agreement Over Massage Chair And Considers Forfeiting Purchase

A contributor was at an Expo exhibition last year (2019) when they saw an OSIM massage chair. They felt it was a worthwhile purchase and went ahead to discuss with a sales lady. They eventually made the purchase based on an agreement that the massage chair will be delivered only after the contributor's HDB BTO was ready. However about a year later on July 2020, the salesperson reached out to the contributor through WhatsApp. According to screenshots of their conversation, the salesperson asked the contributor to make full payment at their Bedok branch. She also said that if the contributor was unable to make full payment, she will forfeit the sales order.

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We all want to be rich, so we park our money in places where we let our money grow, we also understand that every investment bears a level of risk depending on the business we are investing our money in. Some of us don't have the knowledge about investments, giving rise to a whole new industry of "investment firms" where people park their money and the company will do the necessary to keep the cash flowing thus making it a win-win situation. However, this is not as direct as it sounds. There are many companies that promise the world and don't deliver. As much as it is a terrible feeling to know you have lost all your money, it is an even more terrible feeling to know that the money you put in was not even used for the businesses these companies claim to be involved in. Sometimes they take it up a notch by investing in "showrooms" to give potential investors a feel about what they are investing in. I want to shed light on such companies that have.

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